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from 05.06.2020

Roman Golovchenko: Belarus ready to share electric transport R&D results with Hungary

Belarus is ready to share R&D results in the sphere of electric transport with Hungary. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko made the statement as he met with his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban on 5 June.

Roman Golovchenko said: “We invite our Hungarian partners to utilize Belarus' experience in the area of design and production of green transport, electric transport. One can talk for a long time to list the promising areas we would like to explore but I would like to use the time to hear your personal vision. So that we could better understand where and how intensively, in what sectors we should move.”

During the meeting of the Hungarian prime minister and the Belarusian head of state earlier on 5 June it was mentioned that the countries should strive to raise bilateral trade up to €500 million within the next 2-3 years. “It is an absolutely feasible goal. The governments of the two countries and representatives of the business community should simply work on it,” the Belarusian head of government believes.

A session of the Belarus-Hungary intergovernmental commission took place in May to discuss in detail matters concerning the advancement of trade and economic cooperation. Many matters were reviewed during the meeting with the head of state earlier on 5 June. “This is why the entire agenda of the forthcoming projects and prospects is known. Persistence in implementing it is what matters,” Roman Golovchenko believes.

“It is right and good that it [Belarus-Hungary cooperation] is a two-way road. Projects involve the usage of Belarusian technologies in Hungary in such spheres as mechanical engineering and civil engineering and the usage of Hungarian technologies in Belarus in such spheres as agriculture and pharmaceutics. It is a very balanced approach. All these projects are connected to living standards, jobs, employment,” he remarked.

Roman Golovchenko pointed out that the visit of the representative Hungarian delegation to Belarus at a time when all the international activities are done in the virtual space is a very good sign. “Hungary is a very important partner for Belarus. No doubt we are grateful for your honest and principled stance on anti-Belarusian sanctions, on the unfair views of individual countries, blocs with regard to our country,” he said.

Viktor Orban wished great accomplishments to Roman Golovchenko in his position as the prime minister and said he hopes that the first meeting will be followed by other ones.

Viktor Orban said: “I congratulate your country on accomplishing so much in the last ten years and on keeping the order I see everywhere. I congratulate you on the performance indicators, to be exact, on the work that results in these indicators. We, Hungarians, live in quite a complicated geopolitical situation but you will not complain about boredom either. And such accomplishments are particularly precious in such conditions.”